Our Founder


Erica Han

Founder & Managing Director

Simple Facts About Erica

  • Seven years in the Eco Food Packaging/ Food Service Disposables Industry.

  • Knowledge in Manufacture, Sales & Marketing of Paperboard, Molded Fiber, Bioplastic.

  • Rich Experience in Working with Top Brands/Key Accounts in the Industry.

  • Familiar with Industry Standards, Regulations & Certificates

Specialties: Biodegradables, Compostables, Bioplastic, Molded Fiber, Injection Molding

Hobbies: Hiking, Jogging, Traveling, Reading, Cooking, Cat Lover, Vegan in Transition

Who is Erica?

In an era of credibility crisis, trust needs to be earned. That’s why I would like to take this chance to introduce myself and hoping to draw a clear picture of who this Erica, also your would-be business partner is.

My Story with Eco Food Packaging Disposables

My story with eco food packaging/foodservice disposables began right after I graduated from college. I started to work as an international sales in a sugarcane bagasse tableware factory. I still remembered that specific job interview, which enables me to get to know the tree-free, sustainable & biodegradable food packaging solution – sugarcane bagasse tableware. I guess that’s exactly when my passion for eco food packaging disposables was ignited.

I’m always hungry for new knowledge, and eager to learn new skills. It’s especially true when I starting as a green hand in a completely new field. With the training provided by the company, I rapidly had a rough understanding of the food packaging industry and the product we manufactured. But that was not enough. I googled whatever I could found and try my best to grasp all the relevant info that might help me to further understand the industry, the regulations, the audits, the tests, the raw materials, the production technique, the cost structure, the product life cycle, the customer, the market trends, etc. Eventually, I managed to earn myself the trust of our Sales Director through my rapid progress and work excellence, which had lead to the further opportunities given to be responsible for key accounts such as Walmart.

I always believe that professionalism is what takes you further up to a career ladder. I got my second job still as international sales in the same industry but with a different product – eco-friendly bioplastic cutlery. Starting fresh, I still had plenty to learn and digest. But with the solid foundation of my first job, I quickly adapted to the new job and was fully functional as sales for a completely new eco disposable product. I took the initiative to re-brand the company and brand image by doing a complete makeover of our outdated website and catalog. SNS marketing was also initiated as an accessible way to improve corporate image and enhance brand recognition. My work was rewarded with a promotion as Sales/Marketing Manager. Besides, I was managing the sales team and handling some of the key accounts/top customers of the company.

An Entrepreneur with Passion

Growing up, I am always an ambitious girl with a dream to start my own business. Now I am thrilled to say that I have realized that dream. Better yet, I was able to keep my passion for eco food packaging disposables and make a difference to the world with every bit of my small act. Now we have built a small team who share the same belief to make a difference.

Today, plastic pollution has become a trending topic and attracted unprecedented attention across the world. People are looking for eco-friendly alternatives that are sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable. And that’s exactly why the eco alternatives for food packaging/foodservice disposable should be trending and then become mainstream. I strive to be a part of this green cause for mankind, providing help for those who want to make the transition from plastic to biodegradables. There are various pitfalls and puzzles along the way to a greener future. I would like to offer some professional advice for you with my expertise so that you can make a fully informed, the right decision when you purchase eco food packaging disposables.

I hope the products featured here will help inspire, motivate, and provide you with valuable resources that will complement and advance your green missions. I believe everyone’s actions can make a difference.