Who We Are

Who is Go Green?

Go Green is a professional, vertically integrated supplier of eco food packaging/foodservice disposables, specializing in sugarcane bagasse tableware and disposable wooden cutlery. Our main product range includes sugarcane bagasse tableware, wooden/bamboo cutlery & coffee stirrer, CPLA cutlery, corn starch cutlery, PLA lined paper cups, kraft paper soup cups, salad bowls, takeaway boxes, salad boxes, PLA clear cold cups, paper straws, kraft paper bags, cup lids, cup sleeves, and cup holders, etc.

From its inception, our vision has been to develop and provide value to all we serve, and to be an advisor for each of our clients, providing accessible and innovative solutions in food packaging for specific markets.

With constant innovation, sound business principles, comprehensive experience, and a distinctive multinational perspective, we are well-positioned to meet the specific needs of a rapidly evolving global market. As we continue to expand our region of trade in eco food packaging disposables, it is our pleasure to offer our clients an expansive, broad range of items with the value-added benefit of a complete service supply chain provider.

Our strong supply chain management capability enables us to efficiently find the best match of products that meet your specific needs with the best production qualifications. You can focus on your marketing & sales while we take care of your product supply. Rest assured. You are in good hands!

Meet Our Team


We Keep Forging Ahead with the Passion for the Compostables!

We are a group of passionate men and women that love what we do. Together we make a great team serving our clients worldwide. We share the same belief that the biodegradable disposables that we supplied to our clients do make some difference somewhere in the world. The act might be small, but we are determined to keep it going for generations to come.

Let’s meet these AMAZING people behind the products supplied!

Our Philosophy

To Give the Extra Mile in Everything We Do

We are proud to optimize & facilitate the sourcing process of our clients and be an added value in each of their purchases. Part of our philosophy is To Give the Extra Mile in Everything We Do, whether answering a call, sending out samples, or making custom design arts for our clients.

Attention to detail is written in our DNA. We want to be able to exceed the expectations of our customers, collaborators, and suppliers.

Our experience serving the key accounts has enabled us to look at things from a bigger picture. We always walk in the customers’ shoes and do whatever is convenient for them to get things done easily with high efficiency. Treat your customers the way that you want to be treated. That’s our guideline when it comes to customer service.

Our Values

We value EVERYONE’s contribution to our common cause.

We believe the process of improving never ends.

We’re in the business of helping our customers succeed, whether we sell them packaging or give them ideas to improve their business. A sales transaction is never a prerequisite to helping others.

Our Missions

The act might be small, but we are determined to keep it going for generations to come.

We believe that composting is the future, and work hard to spread the knowledge that there are alternatives to disposable plastic. Reducing disposable plastic use is our key mission, in addition to helping our clients be more successful.

We believe that change is possible and can happen against the odds.

EVERY BABY STEPS COUNTS. It all makes a difference eventually. The act to reduce disposable plastic might be small, but we are determined to keep it going for generations to come.

We invite you to join us and together we will discover the opportunities that await us …