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We offer a wide range of green alternatives for plastic straws and plastic bags. 

Our paper straws are made with 4-ply paper and FDA-approved glue & ink. They're strong & sturdy, can last in drinks for hours without getting soggy easily. We offer custom branding options on the straws, the wrappers, and the packaging. 

Our wheat drinking straws are made from the natural stem of the wheat plant. The wheat stem is a non-food, agricultural waste. Our wheat drinking straws are 100% natural, non-toxic, and 100% compostable, it is a safe and eco-friendly single-use alternative to plastic straws. Perfect for hot or cold drinks. Wheat straws will last in your drink for hours! As they become rehydrated they get even better, more flexible but never soggy! 

Our PLA straws are made from polylactic acid, a biopolymer that is derived from plants. It's certified compostable & biodegradable. PLA straw has great product performance while serving cold drinks. It's odorless and sturdy. Will not deform or get soggy after long hours in drinks.

Our kraft paper bags are made from premium kraft paper and water-based ink printing. Custom sizes & printing available. Flat handle & twisted handle for your choices. We also offer a wide range of bread paper bags/bakery bags.

We have a wide assortment of bio bags for various applications, such as biodegradable food storage bags, biodegradable shopping bags, biodegradable garbage/trash bags, tamper-evident food delivery bags, biodegradable dog poop bags, etc. Custom options available. 

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