Cutlery / Utensils

Cutlery Utensils

CPLA cutlery is made from polylactic acid that is derived from renewable plant resources. It's OK COMPOST & BPI certified compostable.

PSM cutlery/corn starch cutlery is made from a hybrid material of plant starch and plastic filler. It replaces some of the finite resources(petroleum) with annually renewable plant starch, making it a much more sustainable choice for your dinnerware.

Our disposable wooden cutlery is made from natural birchwood that is responsibly sourced from well-managed forests. We're an FSC COC-certified body(certificate ID: FSC-C160442). We offer 100% compostable wooden cutlery sets with plastic-free, lamination-free paper wrappers

Bamboo is a non-food renewable resource, yielding new harvests quarterly. Bamboo is a highly sustainable raw material that is also 100% compostable & biodegradable. Our bamboo cutlery & skewers are strong & sturdy, a great eco-friendly alternative for single-use plastics.

Our paper cutlery is made from 9-ply FSC certified paper and FDA-approved glue & ink. It's plastic-free & lamination-free, 100% compostable. Custom print available.

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