Sep 19,2022

100% Compostable Plastic-Free Paper Wrapper for Wooden Cutlery!

Is Your Cutlery Kit Paper Wrapper Really Compostable

Traditionally, there are mainly two ways of packing wooden cutlery kits. One is auto packing flow wrap, the other is manual packing. Quite a few wrapper materials are available for auto packing, for example, plastic wrappers, bioplastic wrappers, and paper wrappers with plastic lining.

Paper Wrapper with Plastic Lining

The natural look and positive product concept of the kraft paper wrapper seem to be the most suitable packaging option for auto-packing wooden cutlery kits. However, a traditional paper wrapper requires plastic lining inside to make sure the wooden cutlery pack can be sealed properly on the machine when heated. Plastic AGAIN?! Humm… Is there any other wrapper option available that doesn’t involve plastic lining? Yes, but that usually requires a different way of packaging – manual packing.

* How is the wooden cutlery kit packed on the auto-packing machine?

In auto packing, these wrapper materials are made into a certain width of the film in rolls to be feed onto the flow wrap machine. With the wrapper lay at the bottom, the worker or robot arms put the cutlery onto the wrapper. The wrapper is then closed together ready for sealing. When the ultrasonic heat at the wrapper rim, the plastic wrapper or the plastic lining inside the paper wrapper will be sealed together to make a cutlery kit pack.

Kraft Paper Bags

Without the plastic lining, the paper can’t be sealed together on the auto packing machine. But we can use read-made kraft paper bags, manually pack the wooden cutlery sets, and sealed them with glue. In this way, we can have 100% compostable wooden cutlery kits with a positive product image. The only problem is that manual packing is quite costly. It’s labor-intensive and low efficient. Even more expensive than a bioplastic wrapper.

Is there any packaging option available that is compostable yet still affordable & cost-efficient? YEEES! WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR THIS!

Currently, we offer a 100% compostable paper wrapper without a plastic lining. It’s PLASTIC-FREE! Better yet, it can be used for auto-packing machines. Its packing efficiency is quite similar to that of other flow wrap materials. Now, we have a 100% compostable paper wrapper that is affordable and cost-efficient enough for consumers! We can manage to have its cost similar to the traditional paper wrapper with plastic lining. For more details, please contact us directly: [email protected].